Oh my Goodness!

Where does time go? I’m sure it goes faster the older you get! I can’t believe I launched my products over a year ago.

Thank you all so much for your love, custom and support, without you my dream of helping people with dry skin conditions wouldn’t have been possible.

My daughter Mollie was born with eczema and that fuelled my passion to find a natural remedy straight from Mother nature’s store cupboard, so it was only fitting to call my eczema and dry skin conditions cream ‘Mollie’s Magic’.

I have since had wonderful feedback including the latest testimonial that said:

Started using Mollie’s Magic on my baby girl after the doctors couldn’t help anymore. The difference in her skin is astounding. No pain, itching or soreness.”

This lady also went on to say that she now has my full range and that Moon Balm is her favourite as it is brilliant at calming migraines.

I love my therapies that I do here in Sun Cloud and this is just maximised by knowing I have great quality products that I can recommend to people to help them further once they have left here to keep their wellbeing above the clouds.

Wishing you a wonderful summer!

Kay xx