Nita Howard

This lady is amazing!! Her products are fantastic. Where the NHS physio failed, Kay succeeded!! After only a few visits I’m now able to move my neck pain free. Once you know her you’ll know her forever; she’s one special lovely lady. xx

Sophie Turner

Mollie’s Magic works a dream on Taylor’s eczema !! Love it and it smells gorgeous!! Thanks Kay and Mollie

Marie Handford

Booked Kay to do reflexology on a friend as a treat. Very professional and my friend loved the treatment . Highly recommend and would use Sun Cloud’s service again xxx

Laura Ingham

Used Bee Nutty throughout my pregnancy for my tummy as it was the only thing that didn’t give me a rash. I became super sensitive to all the “specialist” stretch mark creams. This worked wonderfully.

Katie Ryan

Thanks to Kay and her amazing Mollie’s Magic, my 10 month old son has got silky soft skin. He has suffered with dry itchy skin since birth and this is the only product that has worked. Priceless xx