20141115_144348 (169x300)“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!” So what New Year resolutions are you hoping to break, ……… er, I mean MAKE, in 2015!?

Have you ever thought about going natural?!     Now for some of you, I know that conjures ‘alternative’ ideas; calm yourselves – it’s December & far too cold! I’m thinking something you can do to treat yourself, a little something your body will thank you for.     How many of us actually read what is in the mass produced beauty products in the shops? Before we know what we’re doing, we’re whipping out our advantage cards & rushing home, to slap on the new, must have, guaranteed killer, angel winged, mascara?! I’ve done it myself, so I’m not a saint! Just like I’ll be filling my body with copious amounts of gluttonous food this coming festive season! Trouble is, my new bling top I’ve just bought for New Year, doesn’t go well with red puffy eyes, or spots!? So what’s a girl, or guy, to do?!

We seem to be more aware of health hazards when it comes to food. Yet when it comes to our beauty regime, it seems we still have a fair way to go. With SLS & Parabens being the new ‘swear words’ in the natural community, when will we wake up & start putting our health & skin first? SLS is a staple ingredient in products such as cleaning agents. Yet few of us know that these ‘nasties,’ are readily found in our cosmetic products, which line our bathroom cabinets. When the multi billionaire companies offer us unrivalled youthful & wrinkle free skin, we will put just about anything on our bodies it would seem. If they add a hefty price tag, we assume the ‘miracle,’ we are paying for, will be granted! WRONG! Please tell me when, as consumers, we will learn that the most expensive product on the shelf, doesn’t mean it’s the best!?     With some scientific evidence showing that Parabens, (an added ingredient that keeps beauty products fresher for longer,) could be linked to breast cancer, things need to change. So what better time to make a change, especially for the better, than the New Year?     When a product is made from all natural compounds, you leave all the hazardous chemical back on the shelves – which is exactly where they should stay! With beauty there is no short cut! You need a daily skin regime, fuelled with all the best nature has to offer. Live by these 3 steps daily, to avoid your skin ‘flaking out,’ on you!

1, Cleanse to remove all traces of impurity.

2, Tone to regain your natural glow & skin balance, before you……………………….

3, Moisturise! This is the key step that will give your skin, the ‘spa day’ treat! It will feed & encourage your skin to reproduce new cells, which in turn, will aid that youthful look, we all seem to be chasing!   (Don’t forget to exfoliate once a week too!)

If you treat you skin well, it will show & the compliments will follow. Execute the steps above daily, with products you can trust & that have come right from Mother Nature & you are giving your skin, the best gift this Christmas.

This isn’t a blog designed to inspire sales. It’s a blog to give you some tips & intel, to get you the skin you have been searching for! To keep you healthy & give you a ‘heads up,’ for next time you hit the cosmetics isle. Armed with the information above, let those eyes sparkle & that smile do the talking, with a flawless, all natural complexion to be envied!