Please check the ingredients on your baby products.

I meet people all the time who say “I can only use this or that brand because I have sensitive skin”. This triggered a Google search on baby wash ingredients this morning, and it broke my heart.

Mollie’s Wash has 6 ingredients – none of which are perfume, colour or Sulfates (including SLS, SLES, ALES, or ALS).

A well known top brand has a range for babies. It has a wash out that says it’s “for sensitive skin” and it has 24 ingredients in it! The big marketing ploy says it’s “fragrance free“.

Another brand says “suitable for newborns” yet it has 18 ingredients, including ingredients that are made up from numbers and perfume.

Another sells it on being “bedtime” which I’m assuming gives the impression that it helps your little one to settle and sleep. Not one ingredient in that particular wash does that.

Another is an award winning wash for its natural ingredient. It has 16 ingredients yet the one and only natural ingredient is 7th on the list, which makes it a small % of the product.

Then I got excited when I found a wash with the ingredients I use. Then they went and spoilt it with another 16 unnecessary ingredients and put perfume higher on the list than the essential oils.

I looked at 9 washes then couldn’t take any more! They all had between 12 & 28 ingredients and all contained some sort of Sulphate, perfume or an ingredient that’s a number instead of a word.

All the above are priced from £1.00 – £4.50 in various sizes.

Mollie’s Wash is £7.00 for 150ml.

So it’s obvious why the leading brands are in every supermarket.

If you’re happy with the wash you’re using and if it suits you and your family’s needs then I’m really happy, as I know how much bringing up a little ones costs.

But just please bear me in mind if your needs change, and think of this…

If you eat a clean healthy diet of just simple meat, veg, fruit and grains, you’re insides will be healthy.

If you eat nothing but processed junk food and take outs, health problems may arise. (Check the amount of ingredients on a ready meal next time you go shopping, it made me stop eating them… I still eat take out & chocolate. I’m not saying I’m perfect, just aware of what I eat and put on my skin ♡)

It’s the same with our skin; whatever we put on it gets absorbed into our blood stream and many ingredients, such as parabens, cannot be broken down by our bodies so we store them, which can lead to health problems.

Unless it’s baby oil. We can’t absorb that!

Baby oil, whatever brand (unless states otherwise), is a mineral oil (& perfume) which are a by-product of gasoline from crude oil. Again, it’s cheap and in abundance.

It clogs pores and stops skin from being able to release toxins. Baby oil websites also say it’s fine to use mineral oil in baby massage 🤢

The first thing I learnt at 12 when I picked up my first massage book from the library was that “It’s only safe to use cold pressed oils in massage, as mineral oils become tacky and hot, which can burn the skin.

Mollie’s Pure Oil is organic apricot seed oil.
150ml £7.00

I looked at 2 nappy barrier creams before I had to stop.
Both contained 3 crude oil derivatives, wax from sheep skin, parabens, numbers and perfume.

Mollie’s Magic can be used as a nappy cream as well as for eczema, psoriasis, teething, sleep cream, cradle cap and as bump cream.
60ml £8.00.

I’m never going to be able to fight big multi million pound companies and change their minds on which cheap ingredients they use.

My products will never be in supermarkets, Boots or chemists, simply because then I would have to change and add to the ingredients to prolong their shelf life to over a year. It’s all about profits and loss to big companies.

I make hardly any profit, certainly no where near what the big boys do.

I do what I do because I love it.

I try to help people, and try to make it easier for them living with skin complaints, aches pains, stresses and strains.

Give me a call on 01522 888688 if you’d like to switch to my natural products or if you have questions about the ingredients in the products you do use.