Aromatherapy Starter Set


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The perfect gift for a budding aromatherapist or a money saving way to top up your essential oil collection.

When purchased separately, these products come to £64 but this essential oil gift set is only £50, saving you £14.

This beautiful Aromatherapy starter set includes:

  • 10ml Eucalyptus £6
  • 10ml Lavender £7
  • 10ml Lemongrass £6
  • 10ml Tea tree £7
  • 10ml Ylang ylang £9
  • Hand made in Lincolnshire Room burner £15
  • 150ml Mollie’s Pure Wash £7
  • 150ml Mollie’s organic apricot seed oil £7
  • Guide to Aromatherapy £2

Only £50


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