Mollies Pure Oil 150ml




Organic Apricot Oil 

Prunus Armeniaca

Apricot oil is very light, and easily absorbed without leaving a residue. This makes it perfect for baby massage as it’s also suitable for sensitive skin.

Apricot seed oil contains Vitamins E & A which help nourish and moisturise skin, soothe it and help slow down the signs of premature ageing. Along with repairing skin damage, it cultivates healthy skin cells, making it a great choice as a night time oil.

(For mature skin, add Frankincense essential oil to apricot oil for a powerhouse natural blend against ageing).

Apricot oil has been mentioned in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) where it has been used for treating tumours & ulcers.

Apricot oil has its own anti-bacterial, antiseptic & antioxidant benefits; it’s not an irritant and is soothing.

Apricot oil is perfect for dry itching scalps; using it as a hair mask once a week may not only help reduce dryness but also help stimulate hair growth, and aid your hair to be more manageable, soft and shiny.

The natural way to fight against cradle cap.

Recommended from one mummy to another.


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