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A cooling floral water formed during organic rose distillation

This water is perfect as a toner as it balances, soothes and supports every skin type, helping to reduce skin redness, soothe irritations and lower swellings and blemishes, giving you a vibrant glow.

Use after cleansing and before moisturising to remove the last traces of make up and cleanser. Do not rinse off.

Contains vitamins A, B1, B2,B6, C, E.

It comes in a 250ml bottle with a chrome and black pump for easy dispensing.


We always recommend that you test products on a small inconspicuous area. In the rare case of any adverse reaction seek medical advice.



Rosa Damask(Rose) floral water, Sodium Benzoate

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  1. Anne (verified owner)

    I have to say I’m not really a toner girl. It has to be special to make me use it. This is GORGEOUS. It’s an absolute joy to use – I actually look forward to it! I think I could possibly be a convert!

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