Sun Shelle Necklaces

These necklaces are coming soon! They started being cast on Saturday. If you have time, please read to see WHY they are so special xx

After living abroad, in 2008 I came to Lincoln, whilst waiting for my CRB to come through, I got a job in a call centre. Michelle, Sophie & Mel were the first friends I made.
During this period was when I picked Mollie up from Fun Farm nursery across the road, when one evening, she said “Mummy look at that sun cloud”. She was referring to the most beautiful sunset I’d ever seen.

I promised her there and then, that if I ever had the courage to start up my own therapy business, I would call it Sun Cloud Therapy. Michelle ‘Shelle’ was the first person I told my dreams & plans to. She worshipped the sun and loved treatments so of course she was full of enthusiasm.

Shelle loved nothing more than seeing any of her friends doing well and chasing their dreams, no matter how big or small. It took me a few years to get things going after the initial plan, as holding down 3 jobs to keep a roof over Mollie’s head was the priority, but the dream didn’t disappear.

After a short time away, I returned to Hykeham, applied for a job and thankfully I didn’t get it.

That pushed me to start Sun Cloud in 2011 – I had a little table and ran a free prize draw in the coffee shop at the forum. Everyone who entered won a free facial in my treatment room so they could feel my touch. It was the only way I knew how to build a client base through word of mouth.

Over the years, Shelle would bring different friends to see me for treatments. When I started making my own products 3 years ago, she bought her friends and family gifts, as she knew I’d have something to help someone’s ailment, and if I didn’t, she knew I’d make them something for her to take away.

My 2 maple and liquorice root display stands are quite unique. One day, Shelle turned up with one that was identical and that fitted perfectly in the middle of the two I already had. She’d seen it at a car boot and instantly knew I’d love it. She was so thoughtful, if she didn’t make you smile, she’d give you happy tears ♡.

Shelle was over the moon and was bursting with excitement when I told her I was finally getting a shop on the High Street. She lived walking distance so she popped in with that big beautiful smile of hers whenever she was passing.

The day I had my launch party, Shelle went and collected a rescue dog called Pink/Pinky/Pinkychops so it was a double celebration. I felt honoured her new dog’s first outing was to see me at the shop.

Lots of my regular clients got to meet Shelle when she came by to say hello. She always chatted to others in the waiting room like she’d known them all her life. It’s hard to put into words the joy Shelle would bring, just by seeing her.

Bright and bubbly, talking away at a million miles an hour, always full of funny stories that could only happen to her, and if she had had a productive day, she would show you a big tick sign in the air after everything she’d accomplished that day. Even if your mood wasn’t the best, after a few minutes with Shelle, you felt like you’d been on holiday.

Shelle loved to send me links to ideas she thought I’d like, if it was funny, wood, essential oil or spa inspired. One idea she wouldn’t give up on, once I’d launched my own oils were the essential oil necklaces. The idea behind them is that you pop a drop of oil on the disc inside the metal chamber, and the scent lasts all day, so you can reap the emotional benefit & support from your chosen essential oil.


All the ones I found were American. I loved the idea, but thought I’d wait to find a UK supplier and a material more fitting to Sun Cloud so I put it on the back burner.

When Shelle went away for a family hen night, we looked after Pinky and fell in love. After my surgery in June, Shelle came with me, Mollie and my mum to choose a puppy. We called him Jasper, meaning healing. We planned to walk miles together, enjoying the countryside and talking dusk til dawn. It was clear Jasper had chosen me and he had found his forever home.

That was on the Thursday. On Sunday, Shelle bought Pinky round to meet Jasper – it was a lovely sunny day, so we spent the afternoon in the garden laughing at our fur babies’ antics together.

When Shelle left that night and we said goodbye, I never dreamt it would be forever. My beautiful friend went home to bed, the Angels took her in her sleep peacefully at 31 years old. The Angels must have an awesome plan for her, one of which her family and friends will probably never understand, as they took her with no warning and so young.

Shelle was a great friend to so many, touched so many lives and gave more smiles than she would ever know.

In Shelle’s memory, I’ve found a lovely Lincolnshire lady to hand make these organic necklaces.

I asked for lilies to go on them as they were her favourite flowers (Geranium was a close second). Shelle’s favourite colours were pink & purple.
These will be available on the website from next month.

♡ Sun Shelle Necklaces ♡

Available in 4 colours:

♡ White – Pure Shelle

♡ Beige – Natural Shelle

♡ Rose – Pink Shelle

♡ Purple – Lilac Shelle

These are made in love and honour.
The perfect gift from one good friend to another xxxxx

p.s. Shelle was a big supporter of Doris Banham Dog Rescue where she got Pinky. A percentage of all sales proceeds of Sun Shelle necklaces will be given to the charity.